About Us

The story which you thought it best to be forgotten is the very story which defines you.

We at Rashda Manufacture Your Stories to Life.

Rashda is a way of life, walking the straight path often playing with thorns and stones, a struggle to get your story told. So come with us, let us join hands and tell the story to the world which all this while you have kept to yourself.

We were always in the age of storytelling. Stories of stones and wilderness and hunting and unspoken words. Each one of us has a story to say as each journey has its own tale. Books, Journalism, Teaching, Advertising, TV Series and of course Cinema is all about Storytelling. We are nothing but our stories.

Stories Inspire & Motivate

Stories Inspire
& Motivate

Stories Whisper & Create Moments & Memories

Stories Whisper & Create Moments & Memories

Stories Tell the Truth in Dreamy Ways

Stories Tell the Truth in Dreamy Ways


Stories are what is passed on to the next generation


Stories Pulsate with Action, Thought and Emotion


We help to tell your stories to the world

Living by cinema is not about words or visuals,
it is about those spaces and silences filled invisibly by feelings.

Who We Are?


We believe in getting things done in an optimal manner and in a way to bring value to our projects so that it makes sense for our client’s businesses and ours. We are fortified by our talented bunch of people who make all the difference.

Our Mission


To be a production house which has narrated many engaging stories enriching the lives of people and inspiring them in their work, jobs and businesses and letting the world know about them.

Our Vision


To be a world class film production house which has touched the lives of all and left a legacy for another day.